Sunday, August 24, 2008

Released Sl-scripter version 1.0.1

Hi guys! i just built a small app to build your scripts for you, I'm really just looking for beta testers for feedback etc.
Its a simple derivation of Ann Enigma's auto script and not as good (yet) but hopefully after a few updates, lots more features will be enabled.
To download the program (sorry windows only for now) simply click HERE
I love feedback so post a comment or email me at
Or if you have a few lindens spare ;-) my sl character is Mick waffle.
Here are some screen shots of version 1.0.1:

What Can we expect in future updates?

Some of the new features coming soon are:
  • Short tutorials after every script explaining it.
  • A lot more scripting options implanted.
  • Compatibility on macs.
  • A sl-scripter online section to talk to other players and see what everyone else is making.
  • A more professional looking design
  • Access to view all source files (skip wizard) for more advanced users.
  • A direct way to email others your scripts
  • The ability to save your scripts in a text file.
Remember to give feedback at thanks!